Backed by more than two decades of experience and talent, Ball of Cotton creates high end, full fashioned sweaters for the high end boutique niche. In addition to our own line, we also produce private label knitwear, and offer sample making services to the fashion industry through the subsidiary, BOC Knitting Company.

Artisanal quality, current trends and customer feedback all go into the inspiration and making of a Ball of Cotton sweater. Most styles are hand-loomed of luxury yarns such as bamboo, silk lace, cashmere, super-fine merino wool, linen and viscose stretch.

Ball of Cotton is the brain child of Eddy Park and his wife Elizabeth. After gaining in-depth experience at Picardo Knits and French Rags, Eddy decided to start his own line in 1991. Determined to keep operations in the U.S., he developed a unique design to production cycle which allows for faster turn-around and better quality control than overseas production could achieve.

Since our beginning in a small downtown Los Angeles factory, Ball of Cotton has grown to a 13,000 square foot facility in Commerce, California, with a capacity to produce 6,000 sweaters per month. We are equipped with both hand-loom and automated knitting machines to serve the manufacturing priorities of both ourselves and our customers.

Private Label Contracting